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Items Not Safe for Storage

While we encourage the use of our storage units to help de-clutter your home, garage or business, there are some things that are either not smart to store, or completely prohibited. Take a moment and read the following guidelines to make sure you and your fellow storage unit tenants stay safe - and legal!

Fuels, highly flammable material
Pick the right size storage unit
Stinky stuff

Some stuff just stinks! If it smells bad, your neighbor tenant is likely to smell it and will complain. And we hate to clean up stinky stuff, so please don't store it. Things like food or perishable items and waste or garbage should never be stored in a storage unit.

Illegal stuff

We have an absolute no-tolerance policy against storing illegal material on our premises. Likewise, we do not tolerate illegal activities. We regularly invite the police with dogs to walk the streets of our storage units to ensure that no illegal materials are stored and that illegal activities are not taking place. We do this to ensure your safety!

They are storage units, not temporary live-in apartments

We do not allow our storage units to be used as temporary live-in apartments. Doing so is ground for immediate eviction. While this may sound harsh, living in a storage unit brings in food, pets, not to mention human waste. Our goal is to provide secure, safe and clean storage to all of our tenants.

Are you wondering about storing something? Just ask!

If you have something unusual to store and want to make sure that it is safe, legal, or even allowed, just ask!