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Moving Guide

Nobody likes the process of moving. It is a lot of work! However, with a little bit of preparation and organization, moving can be a lot less stressful.

6-8 Weeks Before Moving:

Start planning your move now.

  1. Often you will know of particular items that you will want moved and others that you want to put into storage. Start putting an appropriate list together.
  2. Are you using a moving company? If so, start researching. Make sure to track moving expenses because many are tax deductible.
  3. It is always a good idea to transfer insurance to your new location through your insurance agent.
  4. Start collecting important documents and medical records. You don't want to lose them during a move, and you are likely to need them soon after your move.
How to pack your storage unit
4-5 Weeks Before Moving:
  1. Get a large folder or envelope to keep all records related to your move.
  2. Get estimates on those helping with the move (truck, hiring movers, etc.)
  3. Will you need temporary or permanent storage once you move? Contact us early to make sure we have the storage unit size you need.
  4. Schedule the shut-off and turn-on of your utilities.
  5. Do you have the packing materials you will need? Now is a good time to start collecting boxes, tape, and other materials to help with your move.
  6. Start using up food in your pantry and refrigerator so you don’t have to move too much to your new home.
  7. You will need to fill out a US postal change of address form and provide your new address to your utility companies, ISP, insurance, banks, etc.
  8. Do you have children attending new schools? Get them registered.
2-4 Weeks Before Moving:
  1. You can start packing non-essential items now. If you don't use if frequently, pack it!
  2. Keep a box for items that you will need the day you move.
  3. Communicate your new address to all friends, families, neighbors, and employers.
  4. Notify insurance and credit card companies of your new address.
  5. Cancel automated payments if you are switching banks.
  6. Get your vehicles serviced before moving.
  7. Be sure to check your basements, attics, and closets.
  8. Dispose of flammable and hazardous items.
1 Week Before Moving:
  1. Confirm your move details with your truck and movers company.
  2. Make pick- up and drive plans for your rental truck.
  3. Make sure you are ready with cash to cover the expenses you will find during your move.
  4. Defrost and clean refrigerators and freezers.
  5. Keep your "valuables" boxes separate.
  6. Ensure you have prioritized your boxes for loading. Mark "fragile", "load first", etc as appropriate.
  7. Keep a separate box for those items that you will need when you get to your new home.
Moving Out Day:
  1. Load large items and fill gaps with smaller items.
  2. Dissasemble larger furniture and beds.
  3. Make a final walk-through of old home to ensure everything has been removed.
  4. Leave your forwarding address and other contact information with new owners.
  5. Take inventory before the movers leave.
  6. Lock the windows and doors and turn off the lights.
  7. Verify that all utilities are on at your new place.
  8. Perform an initial inspection of the new home and make note any issues.
  9. Direct the movers to place everything where you want them.
  10. Assemble beds and bedding.
  11. Begin unpacking.
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